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Services we can help with 我们可以提供帮助的服务

Aircon Aircon 空调

Repair 修理

We repair aircon issues such not cold, water leaking and noise problems. 我们维修空调问题,例如不冷、漏水和噪音问题。

  • Warranty 修理
  • Guarantee cold 修理
  • Same day repair on site* 修理
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Servicing 维护

We offer professional aircon servicing. Reccomended to service once every three months. 我们提供专业的空调服务。建议每三个月保养一次。

  • Maintenance contract 保修单
  • Aircon chemical overhaul* 空调化学检修
  • Serviceable for all unit sizes* 适用于所有单元尺寸*
  • Servicable for all ceiling heights* 适用于所有天花板高度*
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Installation 安装

We are able to install aicons in all commercial, industrial and residential settings. 我们能够在所有商业、工业和住宅环境中安装 aicon。

  • Warranty 保修单
  • Guarantee cold 保证冷
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Fridge 冰箱

Repair 修理

We repair refrigerator issues such not cold and frost free failure problems. 我们修复冰箱问题,例如不冷和无霜故障问题。

  • Commercial, industrial & residential 商业、工业和住宅
  • Warranty 保修单
  • Guarantee cold 保证冷
  • Same day repair on site* 现场当天维修*
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Aircon Brands we work with 我们合作的空调品牌

Refrigerator Brands we work with 我们合作的冰箱品牌

We support different type of aircon brands including Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, LG and Mitsubishi. Over the years, we have established a steady client base, including both commercial and residential customers in Singapore. Thankfully, most of our clients are happy with our aircon services. 我们支持不同类型的空调品牌,包括松下、大金、富士通、东芝、LG 和三菱。多年来,我们建立了稳定的客户群,包括新加坡的商业和住宅客户。值得庆幸的是,我们的大多数客户都对我们的空调服务感到满意

Customer Reviews 顾客评论

First time engaging GH Aircon but am pleasantly surpriced. The technician was quick and neat when performing the cleaning of my AC units. Will engage GH Aircon again. Great value, greater service! ” " 第一次使用 GH Aircon,但价格令人惊喜。在清洁我的空调机组时,技术人员快速而整洁。将再次与 GH Aircon 合作。物超所值,服务更好! ”

Google Review
Julius Chan

“ I would like to say that their technicians are well trained and knowledgeable. There was once one of my unit have some noisy sound and even though they are fully booked but the boss still try his best to arrange for his technician to come and rectified the problem. Well done , GH Aircon. Will engaged their service again. ” “我想说他们的技术人员训练有素,知识渊博。曾经我的一个单位有一些嘈杂的声音,即使它们完全 预定了,但是老板还是尽量安排他的技术人员过来解决问题。干得好,GH空调。将再次使用他们的服务。 ”

Google Review
Dharma Doshi

" I was served the same day I sought help from them. The crew who came ran check very quickly and gave advice on what service is needed. I see no intention of him trying to charge more by recommending more pricey service. Everything was done as per system need. Communication was professional and honest. I find the service reliable. My 2nd time engaging their service. ” " 我在向他们寻求帮助的同一天就得到了服务。来的工作人员很快就进行了检查,并就需要什么服务提出了建议。我认为他无意通过推荐更昂贵的服务来收取更多费用。 一切都根据系统需要完成。沟通是专业和诚实的。我觉得服务可靠。我第二次参与他们的服务。 ”

Google Review
Tan Wei Ling

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